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Since 1993 many thousands of delighted passengers have enjoyed the special experienceof a Hod-Hod Soliman flight over the ancient cities of Luxor and Thebes and the surrounding timeless countryside.



The Flight


At the time of booking the flight we will arrange to contact the passenger the day/evening before the flight is due to take place to confirm the time of collection from your accommodation. This is likely to be within 5am and 8am.

On the morning of the flight our staff will transfer you from your hotel or cruise boat at the time that was previously arranged byAirconditioned and comfortable bus or mini bus to our waiting motor launch.

Tea and coffee is served while crossing the Nile on the way to the West Bank where the Official Ballooning Airport is to be found.

The Pilot will give a safety briefing to the passengers on the boat or after arriving at the launch site and will be glad to answer any questions at this time.

An air conditioned mini bus or bus will be waiting for the journey to the Ballooning

Airport, which is only about five minutes away from the river and close to Hatshepsut’s temple.

While the passengers are making their way closer to their balloon the Pilot will report to the Launch Site Controller who is a member of the Egyptian Civil Aviation staff. 

The Controller will make sure that all the required documents are in order and give a weather report to the Pilot.

If everything is in order then the Pilot will be given permission to fly when the Controller feels it is suitable.

The Pilot has the right not to fly, even though he has been given permission – but may not fly before the time appointed by the Controller. This may cause a delay in take-off beyond the power of the Pilot to avoid but as Luxor International Airport is also a military as well as a civil airport the authorities are not required to share their reasons for denying or delaying the launch of balloons.













The inflation


Our ground crew normally arrives earlier than the passengers and they start to do the preparation and basket rigging before the cold inflation.

After the pilot starts to do the pre-inflation checklist (checking the basket- rigging-fuel- instruments- fire extinguisher and launch restraint)

The Pilot will give quick briefing to the ground crew then start the cold inflation using 13hp fans which fill the balloon envelope quite quickly.

When the envelope is as full as possible without using heat all will be ready for the hot inflation using the strong flame from the balloon burner.

The pilot make another check on the balloon wires, burners, basket, and all the envelope including from inside the envelope then the Pilot start the  hot inflation.

When the balloon is standing up right ready for the flight the passengers who have been standing with our representative near the bus and watching the inflation will be asked to approach the balloon.

Then the passengers walk toward the balloon and get in to the basket calmly and gently, without  rushing.

The pilot will check again every thing before the take off and check the safety briefing with the passengers again.

At this time the launch site controller will check the paper work and give the pilot the permission for take off.







 Take off

The take off is very gentle. Almost all of the passengers not realize they have left the ground.

As you become one with the wind, you lose sensation of motion and perception of the heights; you begin to feel the peacefulness and tranquility of ballooning except for the occasional noise of the balloon burners.

During the beginning of the flight there is most use of the burners as the balloon gains height.  At this time there may be considerable heat from the burners and passengers should lean in towards the pilot (who does not have a heat shield over him) and then they will be under the heat shield provided for them.

Our representative and ground crew with the truck and bus will follow the balloon during the flight.





The flight

The flight will be for a nominal one hour.  It may be 45 minutes, it may be one and a half hours, this depends on conditions on the day, but the pilot will do his best  to ensure that the passengers have an interesting and safe flight.

Flying in a hot air balloon is an amazing experience, which you’ll remember forever. Ballooning is both serene and delightful, offering breathtaking views and a feeling of freedom which is totally unique. Some say they feel like birds soaring without effort in the clean, clear air. There really is nothing else like it.

You’ll see the layout of the temples and tombs and their relationship to each other, which is nearly impossible from the ground without a map.

The farmers start work early in the fields, irrigating the land, gathering crops and caring for their animals. Sound carries very clearly so that barking dogs and bleating sheep seem amazingly close. There is sometimes even an exchange between the pilot and people on the ground.

You will see the Real Egypt.

To ensure that all passengers have an equal opportunity to view the unique panorama beneath them the pilot can rotate the balloon during the flight.


During the flight the pilot in under the control of Luxor Airport and must follow their instructions even if it makes the flight shorter. This rarely happens but must be born in mind.


The Landing

Before landing the pilot will remind the passengers of the landing position.

Then the pilot will look for a spot to land usually an empty field or desert with access for the ground crew and vehicles.

The ground crew following in the vehicles, who have been in contact with the pilot by radio during the flight will be advised exactly where the pilot intends to land.  Usually they are there and ready to help during the landing and to pack up the deflated balloon.


Usually the landing is very gentle so that you don’t feel the balloon touch the ground.

Sometimes it can be a bit bumpy but remain upright. Less common is when the basket tilts over and bumps a bit – so it is very important to follow the Pilot’s instructions for you own safety and comfort.

The pilot will usually wait until the balloon is deflated and being packed by the crew before asking the passengers to get out of the basket, in the interests of safety.

If the venue is suitable, the celebration of landing may lead to dancing or singing by the local people or the crew, photo-calls of local people or fossil hunting according to the site, while the crew packs the balloon envelope and before souvenir certificates are awarded.       


There are usually local people to welcome the landing and their greetings are warm and totally heartfelt.   The people in the small villages close to Luxor seldom see tourists other than balloon passengers.    Farmers living very simple lives are delighted to meet people from a totally different culture.  In return, our passengers see a style of life that is hidden by commerce and hype to most visitors and they frequently remark on the privilege of the experience.   This short period of relaxation in a convivial group sets the seal of complete enjoyment. 


Within reason, after the trip passengers are escorted locally where they wish.  They may return to their accommodation or go elsewhere, perhaps to the Valley of the Kings or Karnak Temple.



In the event of special offers, there will be no reduction in quality as safety should never come at a price.


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